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17 de abril 2018

El contagio social que potencia nuestra cultura emprendedora


Tradicionalmente, las políticas públicas que fortalecen el emprendimiento se han enfocado en mecanismos económicos o regulatorios. Sin embargo, detrás del emprendimiento, subyacen mecanismos sociales y psicológicos importantes que no son abordados comúnmente en el diseño de políticas para promover el emprendimiento. Entender cómo administrar estos mecanismos podría ser clave para acelerar la generación de una cultura emprendedora.

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Self-Efficacy Is Crucial For Discovering Opportunities Under Uncertainty

Abstract: After analyzing 121 entrepreneurs participating in the Start-Up Chile program, the Schmitt, Rosing, Zhang and Leatherbee (2018) study shows that entrepreneurial self- efficacy is a relevant concept for entrepreneurs facing environments of high uncertainty. The authors conclude that more self-efficacious entrepreneurs behave strategically…

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Wednesday November 16th, 2016

Do business accelerators accelerate growth and failure?

Abstract: Many entrepreneurship policy-makers work hard to implement and improve programs because they believe that those programs (and the resources used to support them) are having (or will have) the desired effect on socioeconomic development. Their belief is based on their knowledge, experience, and observations….

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Escuela Emprendimiento White paper 1 EPIC LAB

Tuesday August 30th, 2016

How does entrepreneurship schooling impact start-up performance? Evidence from Start-Up Chile

Abstract: How do business accelerators accelerate? Do entrepreneurship policies actually add economic value? Results show that participation in the entrepreneur school (bundled with the basic services of cash and co-working space) causes a 21 to 45% increase in the likelihood of raising capital, increases capital…

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Business Accelerators and New-Venture Performance:
Evidence from Start-Up Chile.

Friday March 18th, 2016

Business Accelerators and New-Venture Performance: Evidence from Start-Up Chile

Abstract: Do business accelerators add value? If so, how? We investigate these questions by focusing on Start-Up Chile, an accelerator sponsored by the Chilean government. Using a regression discontinuity design, we show the mentoring services of accelerators can significantly increase new-venture performance by improving the…

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Boulevard of broken behaviors: socio-psychological mechanisms of entrepreneurship policies

18 de marzo de 2016

Boulevard of Broken Behaviors: Socio-Psychological Mechanisms of Entrepreneurship Policies

Abstract: By simultaneously standing on the entrepreneurship, institutions and social influences literatures, this paper explores the use of socio-psychological mechanisms to stimulate entrepreneurial ecosystems. While past research has studied the effects of institutions that use normative, cognitive, regulative and economic mechanisms, this paper assesses the…

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