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30 Aug How does entrepreneurship schooling impact start-up performance? Evidence from Start-Up Chile


How do business accelerators accelerate? Do entrepreneurship policies actually add economic value?

Results show that participation in the entrepreneur school (bundled with the basic services of cash and co-working space) causes a 21 to 45% increase in the likelihood of raising capital, increases capital raised by three to six times, and increases company valuation fivefold. It also causes a 24% increase in market traction (Facebook “likes”) and almost a 200% increase in jobs created.


Implications for:

  • Policy-makers
  • Business accelerators
  • Entrepreneurs


This white paper was adapted from its original format for EPIC Lab from the paperThe Effects of Business Accelerators on Venture Performance: Evidence from Start-Up Chile”, González-Uribe & Leatherbee, 2016, which provides the first quasi-experimental evidence of the effect of accelerator programs on start-up performance, and on the importance of “entrepreneurial capital” in new ventures.

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